Posted by: SEO Interface | April 16, 2010

Slingshot Your Website Into Top Search Rankings by Wesley LeFebvre

When you are ready to build a website for your business there are a a few simple search engine optimization tips you should consider as soon as you purchase your domain name. Implementing a few things correctly, right from the beginning, can slingshot your website into top search rankings within just a few months of launching.
These are my top ten highly effective SEO tips which you can apply to your website for free:
1. Choose a short descriptive URL with your primary keywords in it (if possible).
2. UPDATED: Only target 1-3 major keywords on each page.
3. Separate keywords with hyphens in the url – with the domain name being the exception, preferably.
4. Use Keywords in your navigation links where they make sense, however, like always, don’t overuse them.
5. Optimize your title tag – a good rule of thumb is up to 70 characters with your most important keywords first. Separate phrases with a “|”.
6. Optimize your meta description tag – One or two sentences max; using a keyword variant or two.
7. Provide a substantial amount content on each page and use a few keyword variants within the content.
8. Install Google Analytics.
9. Add a blog to your website and post to it at least once a week – don’t use a separate domain name for your blog, make it a sub-directory or sub-domain and fully integrated into your main site.
10. Get links pointed to your website using keywords in the anchor text related to the page they link to –, and sending a free press release are a few good ways to start.


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